How About Flipping Aged Domains As an Online Home Business?

Flipping domains is a quick and easy way to generate an income online from home. This is also a cheap way to get started because all you need is $10.00 to buy an Internet address and post it for sale on one of the many directories on the Web and wait for the offers to come in.

However, if you have a few more dollars to spare you may want to consider flipping aged domains because sometimes you can get up to four times what you paid for it from a sale. Aged domains are addresses that have been previously used online but were allowed to expire by their owners and are now available on the open market.

These domains are a little pricier because some of them already have existing traffic flowing to them and they may also have a reasonable page rank on the Web. If you decide to take this route here are 5 important things you should consider before buying an aged address:

1. As with most domain names the length is very important and it should consist of no more than two words. Any longer than this and your prospects have a difficult time remembering it and it lends itself to mistakes when being typed into the browser window.

There are exceptions to this rule but only if you are lucky enough to find a three word address that is keyword rich and easy to remember.

2. Speaking of keywords you should check the domain to see if it contains keywords relevant to Google searches. If it does this would make it much easier for your website to get ranked.

3. Always check an aged domain to find out if it still has existing traffic coming to it. If it does, this will substantially increase its value on the open market thereby making it a more attractive purchase for your prospects.

4. When you’re looking at the available aged domains list for sale try to imagine what the name could be used for by the buyer. For example, is it a brand able name or would it be better suited for a blog or a personal website?

If you can find a name that’s suitable for one or more of these types of websites it would make it easier for you to promote by suggesting these ideas in your sales copy.

5. Finally, before purchasing an aged domain always investigate to make sure you won’t be in violation of any trademark claims of existing companies by doing so. This is a headache no one needs especially if they decide to take legal action against you and your business.

You can create a nice income for your online home based business by flipping aged domains as long as you keep these 5 considerations in mind before buying.