The Nigeria New Country Code Domain Extension Dot NG Is A New Internet Business Boom

The Nigeria new domain Country code extension is a force to be reckoned with and there is no doubt about that, but the question that runs across my mind every time, is; will it be a blessing to this great country or another curse like the black gold or call it petroleum.

Nigeria Internet Registry Association has released .ng to further improve the usages of internet names. However, .ng is not restricted to Nigerians alone; the new Country Code that has just been released has been embraced by and Google and others to protect their brands, also embraced by some domain business gurus. The new extension is a new source of money income for Nigeria and those who have the ideas for domain business.

The extension will surely improve the economy of the country like that of petroleum, if taking into consideration some important factors as early as possible. .ng ccTLD is a second level extension that rings bell for every caliber of domain traders.

WHY is .NG A FORCE To BE RECKONED WITH? extension, .ng is far more virtuous for those who have the knowledge and foresight for domain business; this particular extension cut across all industries of mankind ever known in existence, like the king of domain extensions known; the .ng enable one to get premium names that are no longer available when add .ng instead; it also makes premium domains available when add .ng to some unavailable premium names that has to do with vowels; most generic words such as the following: Instead of also instead of while gives instead of

As I am writing this message, most of the premium names with .ng extension have been registered or secured, because they are no longer available or been reserved by the Nigeria Internet Registry Association.

As of now within two months, some highly profile domains have been registered such as,,,, and so on. Also most of the premium short four letters are now rear like that of extension i.e., etc. I am not very sure if will be available now or soonest. The extension was just released on 16th April, 2013 and now in May, for one to get the highly profile generic is like passing through the needle eye.

The extension has to do with any industry be it law or whatever trade or business you can mention, you even need it more when you have, so as to avoid some traffic or lost of customer to your competitors.

This is another source of making money for Nigeria as a nation and individuals if quickly invest in the right domains now before acquired by someone else; domain is far profitable in hard currency. Most of these domains are sure to cost millions of dollars in the nearest future.

I am now inviting business entrepreneurs to come and invest in this lucrative market before all the good ones are taken by others; though, domain business is highly investment in nature, but it appreciates in good time like the landed properties, it is unlike stock; domain is highly profitable if you can get good generic now and this is the actual time to invest real money in the business.

This is a business that brings wealth far better than stock exchange, every individual can buy/register any available short generic one word and highly profile domain in this new country code extension.

Lastly, I am writing this, to invite Nigerians to avoid loss of bulk of our internet fortune shares or opportunity to many readily learned individuals of other nations to come in at the right time to have their own share in the internet virtual property as early as possible.

Free Domain Names – Merits and Demerits

Free domain names have come to stay on the World Wide Web especially free top-level domains attached to web hosting packages. However, it is not unexpected that to every coin, there are two sides to it. While there are merits to free names, there are demerits and this piece intends to reveal both of them.

One major merit of a free domain is cost effectiveness which is very essential for any website owner. With the reduction in expenses for creating a website, the owner will be able to save cost and have more funds for other web development tasks. Besides, since majority of free names are for one year, you will have enough time to raise funds for renewal when they expire and you can renew for one, two or three years and above. For a short period site, it is like a gift because there may not be need for renewal. Hence, free names are very useful for special events and festivals because once the events are over, there is no need for renewal.

In addition, web developers don’t joke with free domains because they enhance their jobs. Majority of web developers register multiple domains names for one website in order to defeat cybersquatters. What cybersquatters do is to register many variations of popular websites with the intention of selling them to the owners of the websites or benefit from their popularity.

On the other hand, one major demerit of a free domain is limited service. If you get a free TLD attached to a web hosting plan, you can only use it for one year and later renew it. If you get a sub-domain (which is not recommended for serious online business), you will not have access to the Domain Management System (DMS) which is the basic proof of domain ownership. Also a free sub-domain may be flooded with both wanted and unwanted adverts which may not be ideal for your business. It may also not be dependable because the owner of the domain can ban it at anytime and this can lead to loss of rank, visitors, back-links and so on.

Consequently, extra caution must be taken when going for free domain names. It is very important for you to get your free names from a reliable source especially if you are getting a TLD attached to a web hosting package. It is strongly advisable to stay away from free sub-domains unless you want to be online for fun. Sub-domains are not ideal for online businesses, hence, you can pay to register a name (after all it is not expensive) or get a free one attached to a web hosting package.

Why Use a .CO Domain for Your Publicity

Everyone is starting to learn domains domains. The Internet is running out domains, or so they say. The truth is, if you missed out on a good domain name, then you can get that name instead. Most people are afraid of domain squatters. Domain squatters are people who get your domain and then sell it back to you for a high price. People can register your name or business name even if it is not their business. Tech people claim’s will be on a faster system, unlike the other domains which are all on the old system. As the internet is upgraded, domains maybe easier to access. What does this mean for your publicity?

First you need to consider at least getting your own name in domain. Your business website domain also. With the auto-fill process that browsers use, it would make sense that it would often stop and not causing people to go to the wrong website. Protecting domains is usually not a problem unless you are super famous. If you are interested in publicity, then clearly you plan to have a higher profile than most people, so this is a viable commitment. “We’re seeing individuals registering them for themselves, their blog, their businesses,” said Lori Anne Wardi, director of marketing for.CO Internet S.A.S., the registry, which allows registrars such as Go Daddy to sell its domain names to the public. “We want to be where the next Facebook starts and the next Twitter starts.” Before its July launch, domain was restricted for use by the Colombian government, much like the United States has the “.us” domain, Wardi said.

Eventually you will be able to get your business name, like Ford could I think that will go a long way with branding and publicity and be worth the extra cost. Should you be in a panic, no. You should do some future thinking about how your publicity will be handled online. Prevention is always best.

10 Things To Know About Your Domain Name

There is an entire industry that does nothing except buy and resell expired domain names, and most of their inventory comes from grabbing the expired domain names of businesses just like yours.

Knowing these ten items below could save you hours of time & aggravation, and save your businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

These are, in my opinion, the ten things you absolutely must know about your company domain name…

Domain registrar company name – This is the company that your domain was purchased from. The registrars website is the only place you can update or renew any domain information – look this up at and type in your domain name, then a confirmation code you’ll be provided. Instantly, you’ll be given the name of your registrar.

Domain registrar username and password – Wherever your domain was registered, there is a user name and password required make any changes. This username and password is crucial for you to know.

After determining the registrar, visit their website and attempt to log in. If you don’t know the login and account name, you’re going to have to contact them, either by phone or by email.

Domain registrant – Normally, the business owner is the registrant. But, whoever possesses the registrar username and password is effectively in control of the domain.

The registrant is the legal owner, but many companies find out too late that they’re not the registrants of their own domain names! Often, it is an ex-employee, or the web hosting or design company they hired to create the website.

This leaves the site owner out in the cold if they ever want to make hosting or design changes. Your initial search at will also show this information below the name of the registrAR.

Domain registrant contact information – The contact information of the registrant MUST be kept current at the website of the registrar. If you register a domain name and then change your email address or ISP, you will never be notified that your domain name is expiring, and you will lose your domain name.

Verify the registrant contact information at the registrar’s website. This is how most domain names are lost. When the expiration date comes up, the registrar attempts to notify the registrant. If there’s no response, then you lose it.

Domain Expiration Date – For obvious reasons, you should be well aware of when your domain name is set to expire. There are vultures perched on every tree branch waiting to pounce on your expired domain name, then try to sell it back to the rightful owner at 20, 50, or even 100 or 1000 times the actual cost.

Domain “Locked Status” – New domain name registrations are “locked” by default at the registrar. This means no changes can take place without an email notification getting sent to the registrar. If you’ve had your domain for a couple of years, your registrar may not have your domain name locked. Check this at your registrant website.

Your Web host – It’s hard to believe, but many businesses faced with the loss of a key employee don’t even know who is hosting their website. To determine your webhost, do the following”

1. Use to determine your “Name Server” settings

2. Visit DNS Stuff and use the search box under “DNS Lookup”, (selecting “NS” from the dropdown box) to search for one of your Name Server settings. Just type in the domain name, without the first prefix, which is usually NS.

3. This should give you the name of the domain that owns your name servers. In many cases it will match, but in some cases, it will be another domain name.

4. After you have the Name Server owners domain name, just visit that site to get their contact information.

FTP Username and password of your domain – Not only is it important to know the company that’s hosting your domain, but you should also know their phone number, email, and their website. However, to make any changes to your website, you need to know your FTP address, your FTP user name, and your FTP password.

This information is to be guarded closely, and should always be changed after any key employee or subcontractor leaves your employment.

Domain control panel access – This is provided by your web host for convenience, and it’s where you would add or remove any email addresses, mailing lists, FTP users, or subdomains to your current domain.

Complete control of everything in your website starts here, and the username and password for the control panel should also be held close, and distributed only on a “need to know” basis.

Website Visitor Statistics – Only the most antiquated web hosts don’t offer free comprehensive reporting on your site visitors. Amazingly, many business owners aren’t even aware that they exist, or have no idea of the wealth of knowledge that they hold. Contact your webhost, and find out where and how you access your site statistics and give them a look.

Some Definitions:

Domain name – This is your url or your “address” on the web.

Registrant – This is the legal owner of any domain name. Contrary to popular belief, this can is not always the business owner or company that is using the domain name

Registrar – This is an online service for registering domain names. There are dozens, perhaps even hundreds of registrars to choose from, and prices range from $7 to $30 per year, per domain name.

How devastated would you be if you lost your domain name and all of your company email addresses? Not a month goes by that I don’t encounter yet another business that got caught with their pants down… Don’t you be next!

Find out the answers to these ten items, fill them out on a worksheet, and keep it safe for future reference. You never know when you’ll need it.

How To Make Money Trading Domains

Domain trading is the buying and selling of domain names and it is a business that has been on for many years. It promises a high yield on investment but can be very risky. You can turn $25 into $450 or more within a short time and you may buy a domain name without ever selling. It is an interesting terrain to navigate. If you want make money with this business, you need to get as much information as possible so that you will be able to succeed.

One of the benefits of this business is that you only need to register or buy a domain name and not necessarily developing it or pulling traffic to it. You don’t even need to put any content. Just own the domain – that’s all. You may be wondering where and how to buy domains. You have two options to choose from and you can use both. The first option is to register through registrars and this is referred to as the primary market. Top registrars include GoDaddy, NameCheap, iPage, 1and1, Dynadot and so on. The price for registration varies from one registrar to another and there may be additional products added by each registrar.

The second option is to buy an already registered name and this is referred to as the secondary market. Examples of secondary markets are Sedo, GoDaddy, Flippa, Afternic, just to mention a few. Pricing at the secondary market is a bit on the high side and this is determined by so many factors like the age, category, number or words, valuation of the names and so many other factors. However, it is important for you to note that a domain is renewable every year and you have to factor this into your plan when making purchase and sale decisions.

Furthermore, choosing the right domain name is very crucial to your success in this business. You don’t just go ahead to buy a name you can think of. It doesn’t work like that. It’s not gambling and you need to be able to identify marketable names. You can visit news sites like TheDomains, Domaining, DomainInvesting and so on, to know the latest trend in the market. It is not easy to predict a name that will sell but if you get familiar with information about the industry, you will be better positioned to make the right decision. Typically, the best names are short, easy to remember, easy to spell, easy to pronounce and so on.

Domain Name Search: How to Search for the Right Domain Name

The first step in the creation of a website is a domain name. It is important that a business gets a unique identity over the internet which will enable it to generate traffic and prospective customers. Therefore, if you are about to establish a business online, then a detailed domain name search need to be conducted that would lead to a name and identity of the business.

There are a few considerations before a domain name is searched over the internet. Firstly, the search should focus on the business name or the topics the business with handle in the course of time. The more specific the name, more useful it will be. This is imperative as it help the prospective customers to remember the name of the website. If it’s possible for you to create a unique name then you should go for it. Secondly, many website building companies have created domain search tools that you should look into. These will help you greatly to find a short, easy and unique domain name for your website. In fact they can show you whether a name exists or not and will even recommend you the cheapest price at which you can buy the domain name respectively.

Thirdly, you should not consider having long or complicated names at all. If you are not specific about a domain name then you will not succeed in marketing respectively. As it is only through a name that you will be able to do the marketing of your business, generate sales and eventually spread the word about the business too. You need to use such keywords that would increase search engine ranking and that they should not be slang nor should also not include numbers as well.

Before you select a name for your website, you need to deliberate about a few things. That is you need to check whether the name seems apt or still you need to think more about it. On the other side, whether the name truly reflects about the business and the type of topics it will deal with or not. Moreover, does the name sound catchy and attractive that would draw many customers to the website. Lastly, and more importantly whether the domain name is easy to type and remember.

Though it may not look difficult to choose a respective domain name, yet having the right name will be the key to generate traffic and to increase sales. A domain search tool is the best available option for you and you get various choices out of it. On the other hand, you can even search for expired domain names or those that are on hold. Searching for expired domain name will be advantageous for you because the traffic would already be coming in and investing in such a name would result in reasonable income for you.

Moreover, it you will also save you money in doing advertising for your website. Therefore searching and selecting a domain name is not a daunting task. You need to spend some time thinking about it and also take help from the domain name tool respectively.