Domain Names 1.0.1

Great, you are ready to join the millions of business doing business on the internet and broadcasting their information to an even bigger number of possible clients; you are now faced with some other details.

A Domain Name

First things first, if you own a business called “Pedrito Market”, you should buy the following domains: and

Is now time for the “smart domains”

Use the words that describe your business and create something like these.., etc

Get a couple of those domains as well, just get .com, don’t worry about the other ones right now.

OK now, here is the trick…

When you get a hosting service, give them one from the “smart domains” list. This, believe it or not, will help you with the search engines.

You might be asking what do you do with the domains using your business name…

Simple, have them redirect the visitors to the domain you are actually hosting.

How will this help you with the search engines?

Easy, search engines log the url ([])when someone types in “orlando grocery store” or any variation, the search engine detects those words within your url, which happens to be on every single page of your entire website! Of course, the search engine optimization of your website is also important.

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